Dec 22

San Diego for Christmas or Bust.


The next sign said “turns and hills next 63 miles” Welcome to Big Sur.

The last few days have seen me passing through Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur, Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo, Lompoc, and Santa Barbara.  I finally hit my stride on Day 5 out of San Francisco, starting in Big Sur and making San Simeon State Park.  This section of the road has the worst (best) hills I will see here in the United States, but Tony is a natural climber, and we churned our way up the long climbs like a meat grinder churns… uh, meat.  Once out of the hills and onto the flatter terrain, we switched on the nitros and powered our way to San Simeon before dark.  Total distance for the day: 114 km.  We were flying.

Oh yeah, the odometer on the bike hit 1000 km that day. Boo. Yah.

The road, needless to say was fantastic.  But I will let the pictures I took tell the tale.

Flip-Flop Complete!

The other big news is that the night before last, I made Lompoc.  Lompoc is where I left the road to get a bus/train to San Francisco.  So, I have completed my “flip-flop” journey from San Francisco to San diego.  (Zack pats himself on the back).

Zack wants more!

The first 1000 km!!!

Justifiably, I could now get a bus to San Diego, happy in the fact that I rode the road from San Francisco to San Diego.  But now, I want more.  I want that continuous journey.  Can I make San Diego for Christmas?  The race is on.

On my northward journey it took me eight days to make Lompoc, and now here I am hoping to do the same journey in just four.   What kind of kilometers are we talking here?  Yesterday, I pulled 117 km from Lompoc to Carpinteria (just south of Santa Barbara).  Today is an “easy” day of 99 km to get me to Malibu (just north of LA).  Tomorrow will be a big 135km day through the sprawl that is LA to get me to Dana Point.  Then, on Christmas Eve, I will have roughly 100km to get me to San Diego.

Am I worried about all these long days back to back? Yes.  The good news though is that it is FINALLY getting warmer.  Two days ago I was shaking the ice off the tent at Pismo beach, but this morning I got up with the sun with minimal discomfort.  Trying to cover these miles each day takes a toll on the body, so being able to get started a couple hours early can make all the difference.

Keep to the shoulder.

Don't go over the shoulder.

It's all up hill from here!

Camping at Big Sur

In case you guys haven't heard there is a new Occupy movement taking place. Occupy Big Sur! And before you judge and say this man should get a job. It was the weekend.

Birdie likes my glove

Birdie likes Tony













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