Monthly Archive: May 2012

May 16

The road to Oaxaca!


  Well, we survived the 500 or so kilometers from Mexico to Oaxaca via Puebla.  As the above video relates I didn’t stay long in Puebla, I essentially ate my mole and left.  I was eager to make some real distance and get to Oaxaca – of which I have only heard amazing things about …

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May 16

Drowning in Mexicanismos: Bicycle Spanish Part 2


Bicycle Spanish is a continuing series charting Zack’s adventures with Spanish in Latin America.  One of Zack’s goals for his adventures in Latin America is to become fluent in the spanish language.  Fluency is defined here as being able to do the following: Reading non-intellectual books and the news in spanish, Watching movies in Spanish …

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May 08

Stage 4: Southern Mexico (AKA Operation: Glorious Ruination!)


Operation: Glorious Ruination! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!  I’m excited about this one!  The fourth stage of the Tour de Zack also known as Operation: Glorious Ruination will take me from Mexico City to Playa del Carmen, a party town on the far eastern end of the Yucatan Peninsula.  This 2800 km beast of …

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May 01

Halfway to Colombia… Maybe

Zocalo, the main square in Mexico City

When I arrived in Mexico City,  the trip odometer ticked over at 5,920.6 km.  I am now roughly halfway to Colombia. Maybe. You see, the thing is, this Tour de Zack – which I started over five months ago – has proven to rarely go as I expected in terms of time and distance.  Which, …

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