May 16

The road to Oaxaca!


The pitcrew. Carlos and Ramos pose with Tony

Well, we survived the 500 or so kilometers from Mexico to Oaxaca via Puebla.  As the above video relates I didn’t stay long in Puebla, I essentially ate my mole and left.  I was eager to make some real distance and get to Oaxaca – of which I have only heard amazing things about from everyone who has been there.  I can not stress this enough:  everyone rates this place, everyone mentions it as a standout destination, everybody talks about how wonderful it is,  and everybody loves it.

The road to Oaxaca is not an easy one!  Just after filming the above video the hills started.  There were a lot of ups and downs and my legs were certainly feeling it by the time we rode into Oaxaca City.  The landscape though, was pretty fantastic.  Check out the photos here.

Tony had a tough ride.  In Puebla, I found a worrying crack on his rear rim but two mechanics assured me that it didn’t… compromise the structural integrity of the rim.  Further down the road a rack bolt broke, leaving part of the bolt in the frame, so man-scout skills had to come into play once again as we fixed Tony up Mexican style: with baling wire.  Carlos and Ramos – two local boys – were around to help out.  Not long after that, Tony’s bottom bracket (the hub for the pedals) started making horrible slicking sounds.  From what I could see it looked like it had worked its way a bit loose, but for lack of tools, there was nothing I could do to fix that on the road.  So, for 200 km Tony had to put up with a fair amount of abuse.

Armador and shop

We are in Oaxaca now, and I’ve gotten Tony all fixed up already (we think) with the help of Armador who has a very impressive little bike mechanic shop in the centre of Oaxaca.

Oaxaca looks very similar to all the other attractive Mexican cities out there… but there is something special about this place.  It looks the same, but it’s got a special vibe going on.  Una buena onda!

I am already absolutely in love with Oaxaca!

Stay tuned and toned.

Hmmm possible mode of transportation for the Colombia to Argentina Tour?




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  1. Andy Morton

    Great stuff, Zach, and it brings back so many memories of eating out of a plastic bag on the side of very busy road. As you say, there are some beautiful places out there, but TBH much of the world looks the same when you’re sitting in a culvert sucking on truck dust.

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