Monthly Archive: June 2012

Jun 27


The sign reads: This land recovered in 1995 for bases of support of EZLN and independent farmers.  The land belongs to those who work it.  Zapata lives on.  The fight continues.

“GRINGO!!!” I sighed and looked up to my left to see the excited and angry face of the nine year old boy.  He pointed an accusing finger at me at arm’s length and repeated his deranged mantra like only a child possessed can. “GRINGO! GRINGO! GRINGO!” I turned back to the road just as the …

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Jun 20

The Places We Sleep… The Road to Chiapas

The Razgado Family in Zenatepec

Leaving Puerto Escondido, Tony and I started the long 660 km journey that would take us along the Oaxacan coast and then up into the mountains to San Cristobal de Las Casas in the state of Chiapas.  It was a long 9 day journey that would see us passing through a wide variety of landscapes, …

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Jun 19

The Hammock Diaries

Zack demonstrates the "feet-up longer" position.  Note the crossed-left foot positioning, the low wrap factor and edge-on head support technique.  Perfect for hot early afternoons.

I arrived in Puerto Escondido with the full intention of taking a week off from my two-wheeled journey.  I needed a holiday from my holiday, as after 6 months on the bike I was feeling pretty worn out.  What I needed was a hammock on the beach with beers and good company close at hand. …

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Jun 02

Give me dirt and I’ll give you sweat, blood and tears. Just give me dirt. The back roads of Oaxaca.

I have a rule:  The first time I see food or drink being sold on the side of the road, I must buy it.  I was overjoyed to by mezcal from this grandmother.  Cost me a whopping $3 for a litre

Tony and I have being seeing a lot of highway the last few months – mile after mile of gray, burning asphalt, accompanied by the rattle of trucks braking, and the ever present highly-intoxicating smell of dust and fumes.  More affectionately, this endless strip that connects the world is poetically referred to as “The Road”, …

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