Monthly Archive: September 2012

Sep 26

Day One in Guatemala

Celebrating crossing the Guatemalan border with none other that Gallo beer.

It felt good to be crossing the border into Guatemala after my short stint in Belize.  I was back in Latin America as I knew it, back into speaking Spanish, and back into eating cheap delicious food.  I had been looking forward to returning to Guatemala ever since my cheeky weekend trip there 3 months …

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Sep 26

Traveler’s Fatigue: It’s Complicated

Traveler's Fatigue: It can strike anywhere, anytime.  Qingdao, China, 2008

Since posting about my bad day in Belize, I felt it necessary to explain a little bit more about what traveler’s fatigue is and what it means to the traveler, or at least to me. I first wrote about traveler’s fatigue about 5 months ago shortly after leaving Guadalajara in a post entitled Feeling Tired.  …

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Sep 26

A Bad Day in Belize

Belize CIty

When I entered Belize, the plan was to “skip” the country.  On a trip like this you can never see everything, and Belize seemed unique enough – and expensive enough – to warrant just riding on through it, soaking up what I could along the way. Not your average Central American country Belize is often …

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Sep 26

Stage 5: Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras AKA Operation: Jungle Boogie!

Map for Stage 5.

Having watched Mexico fade away into the distance in a completely imaginary rear-view mirror, Tony and I charged into Belize officially kicking off Stage five of the Tour De Zack y Tony AKA Operation: Jungle Boogie! That is right, we are now on the pen-penultimate stage of this epic journey, a stage which carries us …

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Sep 25

Central Ameri-WHERE?

Where is this road going to take me?!

The other morning I was riding my bike, as I tend to do a lot these days, when I looked up and suddenly found myself in Central America.  Tony and I had crossed the border into Belize. It was the first day of Stage 5 of the Tour de Zack y Tony.  Stage 5?  What …

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Sep 11

Why English speakers are rubbish at learning foreign languages.


When I was 22 years old, I had a nice little fling with a French girl I met in Beijing.  She was a fun and attractive girl who had been studying in the great Chinese city for the previous 6 months.  Completely new to China, I was very impressed with her life experiences, in particular …

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Sep 06

Farewell Mexico… Farewell.

Crossing the border into Belize

It was a day that I was beginning to think would never come, but after 7 months and 3 days, 7450 km, approximately 500 riding hours, 17 states, 4 clock changes, 2 pairs of tires, and 32 new unique bottle tops, Tony and I have finally crossed the border into Belize and left Mexico behind …

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Sep 03

Swimming with Whale Sharks


They aren’t really whales, and they aren’t the man-eating variety of shark, but the are the biggest fish in the world… and you can go swimming with them. When I first heard about the whale sharks, I was a bit hesitant to get my hopes up about them.  You might remember that the “first official …

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