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The Hub is where you can get information about the various projects Zack has going on.  See the page links below, or choose from the drop-down menu above.

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Tour De Zack: San Francisco to South America by Bicycle

The Tour De Zack has been split into 7 stages.  See the MAP.  To find out where Zack is at the moment, you can check the ZackTracker and the latest entries of The Great Blog of Zack.  If you are joining us late and want to catch up, Zack will be compiling photos and links to blog entries as …

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zackpackbag is the newest project that I am working on. The goal is to create to the most comprehensive online how-to guide to independent travel. Whether you are someone who has never traveled, or whether you are a veteran of the traveling arts, will be an online database with the information and …

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Around the world by land and sea


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ZackGive is a longer term project I am considering. The name is also temporary. ZackGive would be a database of “Do-Good” opportunities around the world focusing on opportunities suitable for the budget traveler. The vast majority of budget travelers would love the chance to help out in the communities they travel through, but in their …

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  1. Michelle Rohr

    Hi Sir Zack! Funny – I always thought you should do stuff like this. Good to see. You remind me of Chris Guillebeau a bit with a little Blake Mycoskie thrown in. Keep doing what you’re doing.
    Michelle Rohr

    1. Zack

      Haha thanks Michelle! While I’m not a massive fan of Chris Guillebeau, I’m a big fan of Blake Mycoskie!

      1. Michelle

        I hope you and your sister make it into The Amazing Race!

        1. Michelle

          Hey, can I put a link to your blog on my blog? I love connecting people with stuff like this. Did your parents tell you how much fun we all had on Christmas? Your dad was HILARIOUS. We love your parents.

          1. Zack

            Of course you can put a link on! Christmas sounds like it was a lot of fun! Wish I could have been there.

  2. Cissie, Cuba

    Thanks for a superlitious blogg!! Glad I met you in Cuba and found out about this. Thanks to your blogg, you have inspired me and two other friends to cycle through Central America, (next year during dry season *-).

    1. Zack

      That’s great Cisse! I hope you guys have an amazing trip and I’m really happy to hear that I had a hand in inspiring it! But I thought you were China bound?

  3. Cissie, Cuba

    I moved to Kunming, China about a month ago. I really like it here, great weather, great people. Am only staying here one year, so the plan is to go to Central America in the spring 2014. I was in Colombia last year around this time, Cartagena (great night life), Bogota (work) and Leticia in the Amazons. I loooved the Amazons, most amazing place I’ve ever been to, however I will never go back. I came back to the UK and discovered that I had a (bot fly) worm in my head.

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The End.

After getting stuck in Cali for nearly two weeks, I woke up one morning and knew that it was time to get back on the road.  Tony and I had a job to finish; The last 400 km to Medellin.  So I got out of bed, got a cup of coffee, took a shower, and …

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Salsa in Cali.  Photo: Esme McAvoy

Cali Salsa Nights

I lifted both of Eliana’s hands up above her head and, holding them there, led her in a slow spin to her left and watched in complete awe as she effortlessly grooved to the caribbean beat, leading with every dangerous curve of her body; thighs, hips, bum, waist, and boobs all appeared to be moving …

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The Renacer Del Pacifico still sitting on the ground in Bahia Solano, waiting patiently for the tide to rise.

Rebirth of the Pacific

After nearly a week at Playa Almejal, Tony and I rode back to the docks at Bahia Solano to board yet another cargo boat that would take us the rest of the way to Buenaventura, Colombia.  I had called Oscar, the owner and boat captain of the Renacer del Pacifico  (Rebirth of the Pacific) earlier …

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Petrol Station

The Forgotten Coast

This stretch of coast is alive.  At my feet dozens of tiny hermit crabs inch their way across the black sands leaving diminutive little trails in the soft wet sand behind them while in front of me a squadron of a dozen pelicans fly low over the crashing surf, looking more like boats magically hovering …

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Arriving in Jaque

Quiet Villages, Loud Machine Guns

Jaque After pulling away from the good ship Victoria our lancha whipped us towards land.  We bounced across the surf and over a sandbar before entering a small natural breakwater.  We had arrive in Jaque. Now that we were here, the next stage of our journey to Buenaventura, Colombia would be to hire a lancha …

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