Zackskerritt.com is the online hub for all things Zack.  Check out The Great Blog of Zack for his latest ramblings and outstanding insights on the world, life, and his work.  Find out what he is currently up to and where he is with the ZackTracker page.  Of course, there are also photos uploaded exclusively for your entertainment.  Go to The Hub for links to all his other current projects.  In any case, welcome.  Make yourself at home.  You can also subscribe to his RSS feed, subscribe by email or follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Zackskerritt.com was initially set up in 2009 by his big brother as a sort of prank birthday present.  Now that Zack has taken hold of the reins the joke has stopped being funny.  It’s now freaking hilarious.

"The Mona Lisa"

(Zack enjoys writing about himself in the 3rd person.  Let us all hope he doesn’t start talking about himself in the same manner.)

Need to brush up on your Zack?  Check out the Bio.

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