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Jul 09

The Journey of an Illegal Migrant

The migrants climb aboard the train heading north.

The Green Hell Tenosique, located deep in southern Mexico in the state of Tabasco, 60 km from the border of Guatemala, is not a very hospitable place.  Its primary claim to fame is that it is the most humid place in all of Mexico – thanks to the largest river in Centro America that winds …

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Jun 27


The sign reads: This land recovered in 1995 for bases of support of EZLN and independent farmers.  The land belongs to those who work it.  Zapata lives on.  The fight continues.

“GRINGO!!!” I sighed and looked up to my left to see the excited and angry face of the nine year old boy.  He pointed an accusing finger at me at arm’s length and repeated his deranged mantra like only a child possessed can. “GRINGO! GRINGO! GRINGO!” I turned back to the road just as the …

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Jun 02

Give me dirt and I’ll give you sweat, blood and tears. Just give me dirt. The back roads of Oaxaca.

I have a rule:  The first time I see food or drink being sold on the side of the road, I must buy it.  I was overjoyed to by mezcal from this grandmother.  Cost me a whopping $3 for a litre

Tony and I have being seeing a lot of highway the last few months – mile after mile of gray, burning asphalt, accompanied by the rattle of trucks braking, and the ever present highly-intoxicating smell of dust and fumes.  More affectionately, this endless strip that connects the world is poetically referred to as “The Road”, …

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Apr 13

The Forgotten Abuelita


I didn’t really know what to expect when I rode into Guadalajara.  I was entering my first large Latin American city and so my subconscious mental image was a kaleidoscopic collage put together mostly from movies, other cities I’ve visited, and friend’s travel photos.  This gave my imagination a lot of leeway to work in.  …

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Apr 12

¡Viva la Bici! Bike culture in Guadalajara

Sofi and Jorge pose during the Paseo de Todos

First a Rant You would think that having spent over 4 months and 5000 km (5,000 km baby! YEAH!) on a bicycle tour that I would have begun to develop some sort of affinity with the recreational cyclist.  You would think, that when I get passed by a peloton of guys in form-fitting clothing, riding …

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Nov 10

Dream jobs of 2011. Or are they?

My sister and I were recently discussing career changes.  Jenae has worked in the restaurant industry for the last 11 years, but holding a maths degree, she has always had the option to completely change her career path from one spent on her feet dealing with people, to one spent in front of a computer …

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