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Feb 26

The End.


After getting stuck in Cali for nearly two weeks, I woke up one morning and knew that it was time to get back on the road.  Tony and I had a job to finish; The last 400 km to Medellin.  So I got out of bed, got a cup of coffee, took a shower, and …

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Nov 19

Roadside Advice: Free in Honduras

Love your country.

These days it seems like few things are free.  Not true in Latin America though as free sage roadside advice has been a common sight on the Tour de Zack.  These painted rocks that we found on the road in Honduras though have been the best selection of the trip so far.  

Aug 29

Ten things you will struggle to find (if ever) in Cuba.

Gotta love Ché.  The famous Argentinian revolutionary´s face still appears everywhere in Cuba.  These 3 peso notes are worth about $0.13 USD

When you first arrive in Cuba your senses will be immediately assaulted with what Cuba is renowned for: old 1950’s cars, old buildings held together by “dirt and depravation”, the smell of stale cigar smoke, people sitting out on their front doorstep drinking cheap rum, the odd bicycle taxi drifting by, a Cuban flag on …

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Jun 27


The sign reads: This land recovered in 1995 for bases of support of EZLN and independent farmers.  The land belongs to those who work it.  Zapata lives on.  The fight continues.

“GRINGO!!!” I sighed and looked up to my left to see the excited and angry face of the nine year old boy.  He pointed an accusing finger at me at arm’s length and repeated his deranged mantra like only a child possessed can. “GRINGO! GRINGO! GRINGO!” I turned back to the road just as the …

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Feb 13

LA PAZ! And the end of Operation: Fish Tacos!

The deep track through the deep sand is a sign of deep frustration... Time to push.

Well, Tony and I have reached the end of the road for Stage 2 of the Tour de Zack y Tony.  Operation Fish Taco is now complete.  Baja California has proven itself to be a very special place; a wild, desolate strip of desert with only one road to take you from one end to …

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Feb 01

Videos from Baja California

I’ve now been in Loreto for a week.  Yesterday, I got Tony back from the mechanic and he is looking good and ready to go.  I must clean the chain still though.  I could have left this morning, but instead all five of the cyclists staying here (including me) decided to try fasting for the …

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