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Dec 22

San Diego for Christmas or Bust.

The next sign said "turns and hills next 63 miles"  Welcome to Big Sur.

FLYING! Justifiably, I could now get a bus to San Diego, happy in the fact that I rode the road from San Francisco to San Diego.  But now, I want more.  I want that continuous journey.  Can I make San Diego for Christmas?  The race is on. On my northward journey it took me eight …

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Dec 08

Rest Day.


It is a common misconception that “rest days” are easier than the days spent on the bike.  This is not true.  Rest days are tough. Take for example, the day before yesterday, my first rest day of this cycling bonanza.  That morning I was rudely forced out of bed at 6AM by my own bladder.  …

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Dec 01

Operation: WRONG WAY! Begins

The aptly named OPERATION: WRONG WAY! is off to a tremendous start with many miles under the belt , gorgeous sunsets, mix-ups with the law, sleeping on the sly, a flat tire, and riding with a Spanish cyclist who is 21,000km into his 22,000km ride from Tierra del Fuego.  Venga Ruben! Venga!  The bike though, …

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