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Jan 30

Journey to Loreto

Broken Rim

Broken Rim! Karl, Felix, Tony, and I didn’t make it a single day from San Ignacio before we had a rim break. Ironically, it wasn’t Tony’s rim that broke, it was Karl’s.  Just before descending down into Santa Rosalia (the longest fastest hill I have seen thus far) Karl hit one of those little bumps …

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Dec 28

Food, Body, Bike, and the 7000 Calorie/Day Diet

I want to talk about food. I was eating a ridiculous amount of food on my way down from San Francisco.  Tour cycling makes you ravenous, and I quickly subscribed myself to the “seefood” diet (as in if I “see food” I eat it) in an attempt to make up the calories I was burning …

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Dec 04

Settling in. Still going the wrong way.


I’m writing from the manicured opulence of Santa Barbara.  It’s the second time I’ve passed through this city, and I’m still amazed at beauty – and the money – of the place.  Every building has a clay tiled roof and sparkling white walls, the sidewalks are paved in brick, and palm trees line every boulevard.  …

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