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Dec 22

San Diego for Christmas or Bust.

The next sign said "turns and hills next 63 miles"  Welcome to Big Sur.

FLYING! Justifiably, I could now get a bus to San Diego, happy in the fact that I rode the road from San Francisco to San Diego.  But now, I want more.  I want that continuous journey.  Can I make San Diego for Christmas?  The race is on. On my northward journey it took me eight …

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Dec 01

Day Two: Hurts like a bitch.

In the morning, Ruben and I snuck away early from our hidden camp.  By 7:30 we were on the road again.  “El cullo me duele”, my ass hurts, I complained to Ruben.  “It’s normal”, he replied.  Four hours and 73km later, everything hurt.  Considering that its been 8 years since I’ve ridden a bike more …

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