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Jun 19

The Hammock Diaries

Zack demonstrates the "feet-up longer" position.  Note the crossed-left foot positioning, the low wrap factor and edge-on head support technique.  Perfect for hot early afternoons.

I arrived in Puerto Escondido with the full intention of taking a week off from my two-wheeled journey.  I needed a holiday from my holiday, as after 6 months on the bike I was feeling pretty worn out.  What I needed was a hammock on the beach with beers and good company close at hand. …

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Apr 18

Deep Cleansing with Temazcal

Ready for Baking

When I finally got around to hauling Tony’s fat arse out of the Casa Ciclista Guadalajara we didn’t head out on the road alone.  Jorge, Sofi, Izahk, Marcos and I headed south together to Ajijic on the shore of Laguna Chapala to partake in a Temazcal ceremony. To mix things up a bit I didn’t …

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Apr 13

The Forgotten Abuelita


I didn’t really know what to expect when I rode into Guadalajara.  I was entering my first large Latin American city and so my subconscious mental image was a kaleidoscopic collage put together mostly from movies, other cities I’ve visited, and friend’s travel photos.  This gave my imagination a lot of leeway to work in.  …

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Apr 12

¡Viva la Bici! Bike culture in Guadalajara

Sofi and Jorge pose during the Paseo de Todos

First a Rant You would think that having spent over 4 months and 5000 km (5,000 km baby! YEAH!) on a bicycle tour that I would have begun to develop some sort of affinity with the recreational cyclist.  You would think, that when I get passed by a peloton of guys in form-fitting clothing, riding …

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Apr 06

Finding a home in Guadalajara

The crew in front to the Casa Ciclista getting ready to head out for pulque!

It’s been three weeks now since I arrived in Guadalajara and all three weeks have been full of surprises.  Some surprises have been amazing, while others have been brown and explosive.  Yes, I am afraid it is true, it is here in Guadalajara that I fell victim to the age-old travelers’ curse of liquid waste …

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Mar 19

The road to Guadalajara


After the big race day was over it was time for Tony and I to make a move.  A week earlier, I had received an email from Australian Immigration regarding the application for permanent residency that I had lodged 8 months prior; they needed more documentation from me and they wanted it fast.  I was …

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