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Apr 25

The Colonial Road to Mexico CIty

Don Quixote and I found we have one or two things in common

Guanajuato I don’t like tunnels.  Unfortunately, to get in/out/around Guanajuato the long, dark, narrow, winding – often unlit – tunnels are unavoidable.  On a bicycle in such a tunnel, climbing up a steep hill at 8kph, you feel extremely exposed and vulnerable.  As a result, entering Guanajuato on bicycle was a pretty stressful experience. The …

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Apr 23

Feeling Tired

Cooking with nopale.  Proof that every thorny subject has a juicy tasty morsel inside.  Uh... maybe.

  The ride to Guanajuato from Ajijic is not very memorable.  Actually, that isn’t entirely true; I will always remember it as being particularly uninspiring.  Long stretches of vista-less roads passing through nondescript farmland, small industrial towns, larger cities that seem to serve primarily as transport hubs, and an oppressive blue haze in the mornings …

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Apr 16

Tour of Tony


Tony has been upset with me for quite some time, and with good reason.  Here he is, half the team – arguably the more important half – and his esteemed teammate and buddy (yours truly) has neglected to properly introduce the entrepid soul. As I type this we have made the city of Guanajuato, right …

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