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Dec 28

Food, Body, Bike, and the 7000 Calorie/Day Diet

I want to talk about food. I was eating a ridiculous amount of food on my way down from San Francisco.  Tour cycling makes you ravenous, and I quickly subscribed myself to the “seefood” diet (as in if I “see food” I eat it) in an attempt to make up the calories I was burning …

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Dec 25

Merry Christmas from San Diego!


Merry Christmas!!! I hope and trust everyone is enjoying their Christmas, or lack thereof, wherever in the world they are!  I am in San Diego! That’s right I made it!  I’ve been greatly enjoying my first morning in almost two weeks not on the bike, celebrating of course, with a cup of coffee.  I’ll be …

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Dec 22

San Diego for Christmas or Bust.

The next sign said "turns and hills next 63 miles"  Welcome to Big Sur.

FLYING! Justifiably, I could now get a bus to San Diego, happy in the fact that I rode the road from San Francisco to San Diego.  But now, I want more.  I want that continuous journey.  Can I make San Diego for Christmas?  The race is on. On my northward journey it took me eight …

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Dec 08

Train to San Francisco: Not so simple.

A small station.

On a day that I thought I wouldn’t have to ride, I ended up riding 50 km just trying to find the Amtrak station.  First I followed the signs.  Then the signs stopped and I was 6 km out of town on a long quiet rural road battling a serious headwind.  “This can’t be right.” …

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Dec 08

I’m not going to make it!

I just can't make it work!

It was difficult to get out of bed yesterday morning.  Despite having picked my camp spot to capture the first early morning rays of golden warmth, it wasn’t until about 8 A.M. that I was coaxed out of my tent.  It was still frigid. I got the stove going for coffee and then examined my …

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Dec 08

Hills, Vineyards, Orchards, and cooooold

Pea Soup

“Refreshed” from our rest day, Tony and I got out of camp at 8:30 and headed for the hills, and for Lompoc.  I had about 365 meters (1200ft) of climbing to do that morning, but it went really smoothly.  Well, about as smoothly as riding a bike at 7kph on the shoulder of a freeway …

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