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Jun 19

The Hammock Diaries

Zack demonstrates the "feet-up longer" position.  Note the crossed-left foot positioning, the low wrap factor and edge-on head support technique.  Perfect for hot early afternoons.

I arrived in Puerto Escondido with the full intention of taking a week off from my two-wheeled journey.  I needed a holiday from my holiday, as after 6 months on the bike I was feeling pretty worn out.  What I needed was a hammock on the beach with beers and good company close at hand. …

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Jun 02

Give me dirt and I’ll give you sweat, blood and tears. Just give me dirt. The back roads of Oaxaca.

I have a rule:  The first time I see food or drink being sold on the side of the road, I must buy it.  I was overjoyed to by mezcal from this grandmother.  Cost me a whopping $3 for a litre

Tony and I have being seeing a lot of highway the last few months – mile after mile of gray, burning asphalt, accompanied by the rattle of trucks braking, and the ever present highly-intoxicating smell of dust and fumes.  More affectionately, this endless strip that connects the world is poetically referred to as “The Road”, …

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