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Feb 23

Cali Salsa Nights

Salsa in Cali.  Photo: Esme McAvoy

I lifted both of Eliana’s hands up above her head and, holding them there, led her in a slow spin to her left and watched in complete awe as she effortlessly grooved to the caribbean beat, leading with every dangerous curve of her body; thighs, hips, bum, waist, and boobs all appeared to be moving …

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Oct 31

The tough life in Antigua.


The day after hitting 10,000km Tony and I rolled into Antigua, the old colonial capital of Guatemala, and the biggest tourist destination this country has to offer.  Foreigners roll into this town from all over whether it be to see the sights, visit the surrounding areas, climb a volcano (or two, or three), study spanish, …

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Aug 29

On Cuba.

Smoking an artesian cigar, and drinking rum from a coconut after riding a horse in Vinale, Cuba.

  Few words – few countries – can conjure up as many images, as many feelings, as Cuba does.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve been there or not, someone mentions Cuba and instantly a timeless montage flashes before you eyes.  Cigars, Rum, Revolution, Ché, Fidel, 1950´s Cars, Salsa, Cigars, Rum, Carnival, Buena Vista Social Club, …

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