Bike Buddies

The following is a running list of the other intrepid touring cyclists that Zack and Tony have befriended along the way on the Tour de Zack.  Names in Bold indicate cyclists that Zack and Tony have actually ridden with.


Name of Cyclist (Nationality)

Where they were coming from/going to


Where I met them

Tour De Zack Bike Buddies

Ruben Artazcoz (Spain)

Ushuaia, Argentina to San Francisco, CA, USA

San Diego California

Matthew Ridley (USA)

Portland, OR to San Diego, CA, USA


Leo Carillo SB, CA, USA

Christen Steinkuller (USA)

San Francisco to San Diego, CA, USA


Lompoc, CA, USA

Raul and Marta (Spain and Poland)

Alaska, USA to Ushuaia, Argentina

Ensenada, BC, Mexico and Loreto, BCS, Mexico

Martine and Monika (Switzerland)

Argentina to Northern Canada

San Felipe, BC, Mexico

Karl and Felix (Germany)

Alaska, USA to Ushuaia, Argentina

Guerrero Negro, BCS, Mexico to Loreto, BCS, Mexico

Michael (USA)

San Francisco, CA, to Wherever He Ends Up


Loreto, BCS, Mexico and La Paz, BCS, Mexico

Erin (USA)

San Diego, CA to Loreto, BCS, Mexico


Loreto, BCS, Mexico

Marie “et” Johan (Switzerland)

Alaska, USA to Ushuaia, Argentina

Loreto, BCS, Mexico to La Paz, BCS, Mexico

Greg and Regina (France)

Around the World

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Marcos (USA)

“Just visiting neighbours”


Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

That American Kid (USA)

New Hampshire, USA to Ecuador (Insanely fast)


Zanatepec, Oaxaca, Mexico

Yan and Karina (Germany)

Around the World

San Cristobal DLC, Chiapas, Mexico

Robbie and Monika (Switzerland)

Around the World (in ten years)

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica and Western Panama

Ali and Glenn (Canada)

Anchorage, Alaska, USA to Ushuaia, Argentina

Darien Gap


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