Tour de Zack: Stage 3: Western Mexico AKA Operation: Tequila! Tequila!

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Stage 3 Summary

On February 11th, 2012  Zack and Tony hopped on a ferry in La Paz, Baja California Sur and crossed the Sea of  Cortes to land in Topolobampa and began a 2500 km convoluted journey across Westen Mexico to Mexico City.  It would take them over 10 weeks to make it to the Big Taco and the adventures they shared would redefine the Tour de Zack (y Tony).

It was a stage filled with spontaneous adventures from day 1 when Zack decided they would take the ferry to Topolobampa instead of the long planned Mazatlan.  This led them to the Barrancas de Cobre (Copper Canyon) in Chihuahua and Zack’s one week detour evolved into a 3 week life-changing experience in the incredible home of the Tarahumaran people.

There were many other incredible memories made this stage.  There was the night Zack painfully went to sleep on the side of a Sinaloan highway after riding more than 200 km in a day.  Not only did Zack get to learn about and drink tequila, he also got to drink and learn about sotol, tepache, pulque, tuba, and aguamiel, and eat larvae filled tacos.  He can still hear the chants and the horns of the thousands of cyclists flying through the tunnels of Guadalajara on the Paseo de Todos.  He can still feel the burning air scalding his nostrils during the temazcal cleansing ceremony in Ajijic.  He fondly recalls following troupes of funny dressed musicians through the medieval streets of Guanajuato and going to a mexican house party in Queretaro, and hanging with new friends in San Juan Del Rio before tackling the big hills into Mexico City.

Making new friends was another big theme of this stage.  The ultra runners in the Barrancas, the cycling community in Guadalajara, the travelers in Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende, my hosts in Queretaro and San Juan Del Rio, and the friends of my old friend Polo in Mexico City.  It’s a wonderful life when you can meet so many amazing people.  As Zack’s Spanish continues to improve, we can only expect more glorious friendships to be made in the next stage of the Tour De Zack:  Stage 4: Southern Mexico AKA Operation: Glorious Ruination!

Photos of Stage 3: Western Mexico AKA Operation: Tequila! Tequila!

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Blog Entries

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5.   ¡Viva la Bici! Bike culture in Guadalajara

6.   The Forgotten Abuelita

7.   Tour of Tony

8.   Deep Cleansing with Temazcal

9.   Feeling Tired

10.   The Colonial Road to Mexico CIty

11.   Halfway to Colombia… maybe.

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Bike Buddies


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