The THANK YOU! list

No great adventure, or rewarding travel experience is possible without the kindness, support and generosity of family, friends, and indeed, complete strangers.  In order to pay a small tribute to all these wonderful people, I present to all this list of people who have helped me on my journey from San Francisco to Colombia.  Also, I would like to say again: THANK YOU!  (If I have left someone out… I’m sorry, my memory is not perfect, but I still appreciate your kindness!) In addition to the names below, there are countless friends, friends of friends, and strangers who have encouraged, inspired, and emotionally supported me, to whom I also would like to send my thanks.  Finally, I have not listed the other touring cyclists I have met.  We all help each other out in any way we can and so I’ve put all the cyclists I’ve “befriended“ on this trip on a separate list.  Names in BOLD on this list indicate the people who have given me (or Tony) a place to sleep.

I bow down to you all!


Juan Camilo in Medellin

Felipe Peleaz in Medellin

Sebastian in Medellin

Tanel Djemil

Jaitor in Pereira

El Solar Parrilla, in Armenia

Pelican Larry Hostel, Cali

Gustavo and family at Piñas 44 near Dagua, Valle de Cauca

Juan David Bedoya Arcila in Buenaventura

Juan at Bahia Solana


Horminguez at Playa Santa Clara

Night staff at MIDA near La Divisa

Police at Los Ruices

Toto, best mechanic in David

Nadeia from David

Miguel of Mamallena Hostel, Boquete

Drivers to Gualaca after crash

Lost and Found Hostel

Town of Rambála

Costa Rica

Police at Playa Soley

Banana-gifting drivers

Juan Ramon and Crew

Jose Francisco

Costa Rica Craft Brewery

Annabelle and husband at Bella Vista Ranch near Tarrialba



Yaosca Jiminez

Jiminez Family


Ramon and Family


Ashylla and Kara


Scouts Honduras

Owner of Centro de Campestre near San Marcos de Colon


Antigua, Sacatepequez

Fredy Howe

Victor Hugo


Barromes, Sacatepequez

Posada de mi Abuelo

Tecpan Guatemala, Chimaltenango


San Pedro La Laguna, Solola

Police officers who gave me a police escort

San Cristobal Totonicapan, Totonicapan

Goldy Sherrill


Huehue, Huehuetenango

Arturo Madrid

Chicaman, Quiche

¨Tito¨Nestor Javier Rosales Gamarro

Lanquin, Alta Verapaz

The South Carolina boys and their trusty car One Way WigWam AKA ¨Dolores¨

Finca Chapultepec, Alta Verapaz

Everyone at Finca Chapultepec

La Gloria, Alta Verapaz

Juan Gose and Family

Pedro and Family

Nuevo Union, Peten

Biro and Family



Belize City

Jose of Smokin´Balam Guesthouse


Cancun, Q. Roo

Paco Rubio

Monse y Mizra y familia

Elite Cyclery Mechanics

NYC Support Crew

Playa del carmen, Q. Roo

Oscar Sanchez




Sabritas Truck Driver

Military at turn off to Escarcega

Don Fernando at Calakmul

Entrance guard at Calakmul

Girl at store in Francisco Villa

Candelaria, Tabasco

Boys at Petrol Station

Boys at water purification station

Tenosique, Tabasco

Rosita, Paco, and Family

Jose Carlos Sanchez

Oscar Sanchez

Friar Tomas


Palenque, Chiapas

Lady at the roadside comedor

Osconcigo, Chiapas

Boys at the petrol station

San Cristobal D.L.C., Chiapas

Jesus M Zepeda

Tuxtla Guitterrez, Chiapas

Rafael Sarmiento and family

Nuevo Tenochitlan, Chiapas

Boys at the petrol station

Jesus Hernandez

Rigoberto Diaz Rios

Zanatepec, Chiapas

Ricardo Razgado and Family

Salina Cruz, Oaxaca

Bike mechanic

Concepcion La Bamba, Oaxaca

Local Surfers

San Pablo Coatlan, Oaxaca

Friends of Pedro Martinez

Miahuatlan, Oaxaca

Fruit vendors at market

Pueblos Mancomunados, Oaxaca

Old man in pickup truck in Benito Juarez

Lady at tourist office in Lachatao

Oaxaca, Oaxaca

Pedro Martinez and crew

Mexico City, Distrito Federal

Polo Gonzalez

Raquel Flores

Fabiola Duron

Toluca, Estado de Mexico

Security guard at the toll both

San Juan Del Rio, Queretaro



Queretaro, Queretaro

David Vanneste

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

Pascale Bilodeau

Irapuato, Guanajuato

The boys at the toll booth

Guadalajara, Jalisco

Bernardo Lizardi

Izhak Roch Magon

Jorge Armando Soberanes

Magui Arana

Vania Aguilar

Estefania Vbs

La Doctora

The Borrachos at El Fuente Cantina

Sofi Decob

Tepic, Nayarit

The boys at a toll booth

Las Barrancas del Cobre, Chihuahua

Shop owner at Junction between Guachochi and Batopilas

Old Tarahumaran Guy at Junction between Guachochi and Batopilas

Gringa shop owner in La Bufa

Simon from France

Tarahumaran guy near Manzano

Owner of Hotel Maria in Urique

“Luis” near Cuesta Colorado

Man in his truck who gave me a lift

Man in other truck who gave me a lift

Caballo Blanco

The CCUM runners

The Magical Texan Girls from Terlingua

Erica and Kurt from USA

Uri from Mexico City

Flint and Olaf

El Fuerte, Sinaloa

Owner of Rio Vista Hotel next to the fort

San Blas, Sinaloa

Lorenzo Valdez and Family

Antonia Portilla Cervante

La Paz, BCS

Swiss Family traveling by motorhome

Eduardo Ysla and family

Loreto, BCS

Marco and the Ruta Chichimeca Crew

German “Manny” Davis Murillo

Santa Rosalia, BCS

Lady from Loreto who gave Karl a lift in her truck.

San Ignacio, BCS

Marco and the Ruta Chichimeca Crew from Tijuana

Coco’s Corner, BCS


Bahia de San Luis Gonzaga, BC

Mexican Army

Pemex Shop Owner

Puertecitos, BC

CowPatty Bar Owner

CowPatty Bartender Memo


San Felipe, BC

Mark Greene



Delegado (Mayor) Robert Ledon Perezchica

San Vicente, BC

Mexican rancher and his wife

Ensenada, BC

Gerardo Medina

Senora Delia

Paul of Old Mission Brewery

Hector “Chébucki”

Gerardo Perez Rocha

Tijuana, BC


United States

San Diego, CA

Sister Jenae

Alex Roizen

Steve de Simone

Grandma Pagels

Grandpa Pagels

Aunt Cindy

Uncle Gary

Aunt Lois

Uncle Alan

Cousin Peter

Cousin John

Cousin Travis

Cousin Evan

Danielle Szczepaniak

Aunt Barb

Uncle Mike

Cousin Kara

Dan Ryska

Cousin Matt

Cousin Jason

Bernadette Skerritt

Omid Sabet

Nephew Dexter Morgan Nori

Orange County, CA

Uncle Jun

Aunt Margie

Cousin Erin

Cousin Jenna

Lompoc, CA

Ticket Guy on Amtrak Train

Big Sur, CA

Mexican Guy at Big Sur Petrol Station

Scott Turner

Half Moon Bay, CA

Lawrence Liang

San Francisco, CA

Natasha Melwani 

Sonam Rajpal

Anisha Bhalla

Neil Abellanosa

Stephanie Crayne

Peter Pun

Nicholas Linton

Grace Tai

Anna DaMommio

Lucia Etanya Grahamjones

Off-route Support Crew 

NYC, New York, USA

Brother Seph




United Kingdom

Tanel Djemil

Lloyd Robinson

Jack Champ


Phil Quayle

Daniel Leonard

Izennah Hogan


  1. Aunt Barb

    You are teaching me alot. Thanks! And it is pretty cool getting to know you better!
    Love, Aunt Barb
    May your travels continue in safety and fulfillment.

  2. Monse

    Que honor estar esta en esta lista y haber permanecido en tu vida unos instantes Me siento afortunada de haberte conocido eres una persona increible …

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