Tour de Zack: Stage 1: USA (AKA Operation WRONG WAY!)

Dirt road along Half Moon Bay

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Stage Summary

On the 25th of November, 2011, Zack and his trusty bicycle Tony left San Diego, CA, USA and headed the wrong way, north, towards San Francisco.  They cycled over 500km north to Lompoc, a town in between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo, before getting a train the rest of the way up to San Francisco.  Then, after a much needed rest in San Francisco they rode all the way back down to San Diego, along the famed Pacific Coast Highway, a distance of about 1060 km.

In many ways this stage was the “test ride”, for the next six stages through Mexico and Central America as this was Zack and Tony’s first experience of “tour cycling”, and they wanted to learn the ropes before crossing the mexican border onto greater adventures and warmer climates.  It was a fantastic trip, along an amazing road.  Many a great people were met, and Zack (who has never lived in the US of A) had an opportunity to get in touch with his american roots.

As it was the “test ride”, the blog entries tend to focus on the lifestyle and dynamics of traveling by bicycle.

Photos of Operation Wrong Way!


Tour de Zack: Stage 1: USA (AKA Operation WRONG WAY!)


Blog Entries:

  1. I have a bike!
  2. Operation: WRONG WAY! Begins
  3. Day Two: Hurts like a bitch.
  4. Settling in. Still going the wrong way.
  5. Rest Day.
  6. Hills, Vineyards, Orchards, and cooooold
  7. I’m not going to make it!
  8. Train to San Francisco: Not so simple.
  9. San Francisco and Heading South!
  10. Broken Tent Poles and Clever Raccoons
  11. San Diego for Christmas or Bust.
  12. Merry Christmas from San Diego!
  13. Food, Body, Bike, and the 7000 Calorie/Day Diet

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  1. jesse

    awesome blog man read every post, good luck in your future endevours. i must ask what was you favorite memory, I really enjoyed reading how you slept on the mayan pyramid and your rock sliding down the mountain. you did alot on your journey and have built a good resume for yourself keep on keepin on man.

  2. jesse

    also if you need a place to crash for a while you got a friend in Oregon.

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