Tour de Zack: Stage 5: Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador & Honduras AKA Operation: Jungle Boogie!

Going over the pass near Sacapula in Guatemala.

Stage 5 Summary:

Stage 5 of the Tour de Zack y Tony took the tour into Central America carving an 1800km serpentine path through Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

The main theme of this stage was one of perseverance.  The 2 month long journey to the border of Nicaragua put both our bodies and our travel spirits through the toughest trials of the tour.  After a near emotional breakdown in Belize though we pushed on and steadily knawed our way through the backroads of Guatemala- the most consistently difficult hills and roads of the tour.  Along these backroads we got to know rural Guatemala with an intimacy that both delighted and saddened us.  Eventually – shortly after celebrating 10,000 kms – we arrived in Antigua, the former colonial capital, where we passed a couple weeks resting, dancing, and studying before returning to the road.  From Antigua it was all easy sailing the rest of the way to Nicaragua and we blasted through El Salvador and Honduras in just 9 days.

Now , with savage hills of Guatemala far behind us and just 1500 km of relatively easy roads separating us from Panama City we are having trouble keeping the grin of self-bewilderment off our faces.

Photos from Stage 5: Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras AKA Operation: Jungle Boogie!!!

Blog Entries

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