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ZackPacking.com is the newest project that I am working on.

The goal is to create to the most comprehensive online how-to guide to independent travel. Whether you are someone who has never traveled, or whether you are a veteran of the traveling arts, ZackPacking.com will be an online database with the information and advice you need to take your travels to the next level.

Most travel advice sites out there cover just the basics, the need-to-know essentials like travel visas, insurance, flights, and what to pack. ZackPacking though will go way beyond this. Oft neglected areas will be thoroughly covered such as: lifestyle design, detailed financial planning, emotional preparation, hundreds of tricks and advice only known to the most veteran of world nomads, ideas for taking your traveling to the next level, the ins-and-outs of preparing for a “one-way” trip, choosing your travel buddies, and traveling with purpose (to name just a few).

The beauty behind ZackPacking is that it will offer a one-stop centre for traveler education and inspiration, no matter who you are. No more hours of google searching, no more picking and choosing this piece or that piece of information from dozens of websites, and no more agonizing sessions of navigating through a massive maze-like database of articles written by everyone and their dog just to get an answer to a simple question.  ZackPacking.com will be developed and moderated by one person: Me. It will be an organised and insightful curriculum that offers the traveler an all-round understanding of the travel world.

The inspiration behind ZackPacking is tri-fold. First, there are the questions I always get asked by people who have not traveled extensively. “How do you afford it?”, “What kind of insurance should I get?”, “How big should me backpack be?”, “How do you plan your trips?”. Second, there are all the “you could do this…” conversations I’ve had with travelers who have not yet come to fathom the world of possibilities out there. Traveling is not a simple “rinse and repeat” kind of exercise. It is a progressive ever-changing exploration of the world, yourself, and your passions. ┬áThird, is a passionate belief that responsible travel makes the world a better place.

I hope to launch ZackPacking.com before the end of the year. There is an intimidating amount of content to create.

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