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03 Nov 2011

In the United States

Location: San Diego, CA, USA

Arrival: 05 October 2011

Departure: 25 November 2011 29th November 2011 

Current Mission(s):

  1. Hang out with sister COMPLETED
  2. Develop Zackskerritt.com the online hub for all things Zack  COMPLETED
  3. Develop Zackpacking.com the comprehensive online how-to guide for travel IN PROGRESS
  4. Apply with sister to be on The Amazing Race COMPLETED
  5. Educate himself about travel writing, publishing, and self-publication IN PROGRESS


Future plans:

Before the end of the year, Zack will go south.  His plan is to travel around South America and eventually live somewhere downthere.  He has three objectives for South/Central America: 1) Get fluent in spanish.  2)Become proficient at Salsa dancing.  3)Find a cute latina girlfriend (to help with the first two).
How Zack will get down to South America is still undecided but currently, the preferred option is to ride a bicycle there.  Other options include: flying down to Argentina, or finding a boat to crew on going in roughly the right direction.



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