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13 Dec 2011

Welcome to ZackTracker.  ZackTracker lets you know where Zack is and what he is doing there.

The Big Picture: Zack is currently riding his bicycle from San Francisco, CA to South America

Current Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Arrived: 09 December 2011

Departed: 14 December 2011

Current Mission(s):

  1. Rest up, prepare bike/self for southern journey COMPLETE
  2. Hang out with best friend/brother Neil COMPLETE
  3. Develop Zackpacking.com IN PROGRESS
  4. Brush up on Spanish grammar IN PROGRESS
  5. Get to San Diego for Christmas COMPLETE

Future plans:

Zack is very excited.  Zack and his trusty bicycle “Tony” are about to head south towards longer days and warmer climes.  The plan is to ride from San Francisco, CA, USA to South America.  Approximately 8000 km.

Likely “Stages” of this Tour de Zack are:
Stage 1: USA (1000 km)
Stage 2: Baja California (1500 km)
Stage 3: Mazatlan to Mexico City (1000 km)
Stage 4: Southern Mexico (1500 km)
Stage 5: Guatemala/El Salvador/Honduras (1000km)
Stage 6: Nicaragua/Costa Rica/Panama (1500km)
Stage 7: Colombia (500km)
Now, there are a couple of things that may get in the way of this trip.  First, as noted in an earlier ZackTracker, my sister and I have applied to be on the Amazing Race.  If we make the next round of casting, I will have to return to the US in January/February, and if we make the show, I will have to leave the bike in May at the latest.  Second, I’m on a shortlist for crewing a sailboat from Mexico to French Polynesia.  If I get the spot on the crew I will need to leave the bike in early April.  All of these possibilities are sounding pretty good.


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